Configurator of hydraulic fittings

Fewer But Better
Fewer fittings but more logical

Welcome to the RH Configurator of hydraulic fittings
This tool enables you to sumbit your request through an easy description of the interfaces of the fitting to be created.

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Please describe your request

For every side of the cube that symbolizes the fitting, you are provided with a choice of interfaces which you can select thanks to our search tools (filters, pictures).

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Validate the RH-Solution

When the Configurator finds a solution to your request, you can access the following elements in order to study the created part: a 3D preview which you can handle, an ISO drawing which indicates the center distances and the STEP file which you can download in order to validate the assembly.

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Request an estimate

When the assembly is validated, a mere click allows you to request an estimate, which you will receive by the end of the day.

The My Requests tab allows you to find and manage your past requests at any time.